Darling Please give me the hair dryer meme

What is the world coming to? But this is pretty funny cartoon wise.


Facebook Picture Generator: What They Think I Do

Facebook what my mom thinks, dad, girlfriend, brother and what im actually doing
Now this I can relate to. How about you?


Funny Corporate FlowChart Business Birds - True

When top level business guys look down, they see only shitheads; bottom level up assholes

Now this really clears it up for me. Makes sense now thanks to this pic! Nice job with this one


How We Think Of Our Planet & How It Really Is

how we often think it is and how it really is our planet - nation
This is true, sadly. This is what causes war, terror and destruction. Share this picture if you want to stop hate, crime and war!

Can Vegetarians Eat Animal Crackers? Funny Sign

can vegetarians eat animal crackers?
So can they? This is funny.. I can't believe people made a sign like this lmaoo.

Share share share this!!!!


My Childhood (True Story) Funny meme

childhood: fuck yeah, im not sleeping until morning; Now; I need some sleep, ill just go to bed early

This is so true. It's like someone drew this just for me. Share this and rate it if this is you!